2020-0828 – Tobias

[Tobias: Post Ashes Gallery Bar Area – NA, Fame 2, BoL]

“I greatly appreciate that William.” Tobias said thinking of the note he wrote Gentian and the nice find of a poetry book he got. It was nicely wrapped sitting under the bar, hidden away from any wayward drinks to spill on it. “I was

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2020-0828 – Iris

[Iris – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – A – No BoL]

As their young host addresses her Iris turns her head slightly to face him. Her red painted lips kissed the brim of the wineglass before she took a small sip from the bloodwine. With her eyes closed she savored the unique

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2020-0827 – William

[ William – Post Ashes Galley, Table – A , No BoL ]

« I am doing well, thank you », he answers to Yuri. He and Jeen seem similar in that they are anxious in an oddly human way; well, perhaps not so oddly human, as they are young, and he himself is not

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2020-0827 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar Area – BoL – A – Fame 2]

Ariyah watched as a small group detached itself to make their way to the gallery. It seemed the quartet knew each other to some degree and wanted to deepen the acquaintance. Ariyah didn’t mind; it helped to narrow the number

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2020-0826 – Toby

[Toby – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar – A- BoL]

*Toby watched as Tobias and William socialized with the others. His eyes also looking at the many new faces as he took a mental picture in his head. Just in case he ever passed by them in the future or even at whatever event could

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2020-0826 – Tobias

[Tobias: Post Ashes Gallery Bar Area – NA, Fame 2, BoL]

Ariyah confirmed she was a muralist he had heard of with his friends more plugged into the art scene. The familiar Ancilla entered the room wearing much more modest clothing, but honesty he made it work with a certain authenticity. He walked forward towards

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2020-0826 – Yuri

[Yuri – Post Ashes Gallery, Bar – BoL – A]

“Hello, my name’s Yuri… my sire is Mr. Herrick, but it doesn’t seem like he is here tonight.” Yuri’s gaze fell to the floor. He was really hoping he would be here tonight but sadly that didn’t seem to be the case. Yuri missed the

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2020-0826 – Michael

[Michael-Post Ashes Gallery: Bar-Beautiful-No Blush-A]

Once Jenn began to stutter out a response, Michael smiled in an apologetic way. While he didn’t get nervous when talking to people himself, he was well aware that it wasn’t everyone’s forte. So he took a half step back, trying to give her some breathing room instead of overwhelming

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2020-0826 – Iris

** [ Iris – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – A – No BoL] **

Multiple greetings were exchanged by the ever growing boquette, it seemed that a lot of the young Roses already knew one another. Iris watched them all interact, complementing each other’s outfits. It brought back memories of some of

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2020-0826 – Jenn

[Jenn – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar – BoL – A]

Jenn looked up as someone approached her and Varen, and she clutched her glass in front of her like a shield as the brief fight-or-flight panic reaction rose as it did every time she met a new person. He seemed to know

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