Seattle by Night – About

Game Information

This is a play-by-post Vampire: The Masquerade 5th ed game hosted on a Discord server. We are playing Bloodlines 2 lore, so the game is set in the city of Seattle, 2020.

All entries here are posts written on the discord server. I’ll also be including any responses from the people I was directly RP’ing against. If you find yourself interested in reading more, sign up to the Discord, lurkers are welcomed.

On the server, one IRL week (from 12am PST Sunday to 11:59pm PST Saturday) equals to one night in-game. Time is a little wibbly wobbly though, as it doesn’t make sense to have only 4 nights of progress in a month, so take any reference to time loosely.

Posting Style

Every week, I will start off with posting pictures relevant to the scene for the coming week, eg. character’s outfits
Any scene specific images will be embedded in the scene post themselves.

I will not be editing any of my RP partner’s posts, so there can be varying quality in the writing.

Style Guide

  • While you’re reading the blogs, you’ll come across the following heading information. This is to let people know crucial scene information:

[1. Ariyah – 2. International District – 3. Ariyah’s Haven – 4. BoL – 5. A – 6. PRE-RESET]

  1. Character Name
  2. District within Seattle where this scene is set
  3. Location within this district
  4. Activated discipline – in this case, Blush of Life
  5. A or NA – Approachable or Not Approachable – to let other players know the character’s RP status
  6. Sometimes we run out of time IRL to finish the scene we’re writing, so this is to let readers know that the post, although written in the new week, is from before the server reset to a new week
  • Things like SMSs, emails or letters would be formatted thus:
So this is a quick hey.