2020-0826 – Yuri

[Yuri – Post Ashes Gallery, Bar – BoL – A]

“Hello, my name’s Yuri… my sire is Mr. Herrick, but it doesn’t seem like he is here tonight.” Yuri’s gaze fell to the floor. He was really hoping he would be here tonight but sadly that didn’t seem to be the case. Yuri missed the man’s presence, his teachings and wisdom… he was brought back to the present when he heard someone say his name, seeing another figure by them.

“Um, yes that’s me.” Yuri nodded. “Is there… is there something I can help you with?” His brows slanted upwards as he asked his question to Michael. “I suppose we can look around. Mr. William said he rented the entire place; it’d be a shame to not appreciate what he did to set this up.” Yuri carried his Make-up box in front of himself, holding it with both hands by the handle. He reached up to adjust his mask, his silver eyes still focused on the ground. It was a shame he hid his fine features behind that mask; his skin was flawless, smooth and fair like a porcelain doll, blending well with his long lashes, sharp eyes and silver hair…

At least by getting away from the bar it would decrease the amount of people around. Two people was his comfort zone when it came to social interaction, but 3? That’s stretching it a bit. He was barely keeping himself together as is already. ‘Pretend to have confidence till you actually have it’ Louella told him.

”That’s a lot easier said than done, Ms. Louella.” Yuri thought to himself. He took a shaky breath to steady himself, fortifying his mental strength to stay at the gathering. He knew what Louella said about leaving early and to not feel ashamed, but Yuri would feel awful for leaving when the gathering had just began. Maybe he’ll stick around a few more minutes.

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