2020-0826 – Iris

** [ Iris – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – A – No BoL] **

Multiple greetings were exchanged by the ever growing boquette, it seemed that a lot of the young Roses already knew one another. Iris watched them all interact, complementing each other’s outfits. It brought back memories of some of the garden party’s her Sire had thrown back in the Netherlands, they had also started off like this, friendly and fun but as more and more bloodwine was spilled the clan of artists had begun to taunt one another. A long discussion started on who was the better artist, or who was more famous than who, back then she hadn’t been interested in any of that and that is still the same now. Iris would have drowned in her own thoughts if it hadn’t been for their young host, Mr. Durant held a small speech in which he urged them on to all mingle and get to know one another.

Mingling and socialising weren’t exactly her strong suit but if she really wanted to get to know some of her fellow Roses she would have to. Iris grabbed a glass filled with bloodwine and briefly raised it towards her host, she made a mental note to thank Tobias for his invitation. She was about to wander away from the bar when she heard a man speak some very interesting words in a slight British accent. ‘ William Harley, Ancilla of the clan.’ Her red painted lips parted slightly in surprise. She turned around so she could look in the direction of where the voice had come from. For a couple of moments she observed the older man with his ashen blond shoulder long hair. Slowly she approached him, her heels gently clicked against the ground and her lips rose up in a small smile. She raised her glass at William, her brown eyes would try to lock with his kind muddy coloured gaze. “I didn’t realise that our introductions should be done all proper like with title and all. Iris Smid, also Ancilla of the clan.” After the scolding that she had received through Crosses letter she assumed that it was better to not mention her relation to Hellana for now, not until she would get to know the others better.

Slowly she shifted her attention to the young rose, who she believed had called herself Jenn, who was currently trying to introduce herself all proper like as well. It was quite obvious that the young rose was nervous, Iris could relate she had been nervous when she attended her first couple of clan meetings, let alone court meetings. The rose turned her gaze back to Willam, with her left hand she brushed a few strands of her hair back behind her ear. As she looked at him she brought the glass up to her painted lips and took a small sip of her bloodwine, carefully she watched the other Ancilla curious as to what he would say or do.

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