Colostle – Session 3

In my rush to scale the mountain, I was not as mindful of my surroundings as I should have been.
One second I was scrambling up a mountain slope, and the next, a sizeable body rushed me wielding a large blade aimed at my throat!

I back-pedalled, and my feet slipped on the loose rocks and dirt.
My clumsiness saved me as the blow that would have taken off my head whizzed overhead instead.
I let myself slide further down the mountainside, gravity taking me out of my attacker’s arms reach.

Before I could draw a breath to demand an explanation for the attack, a familiar sizzle in the air made me dive for cover behind a fallen pine.
Just in time too; a bolt of electricity struck the ground where I was but seconds ago.

A fellow electricity user then, and one who had no interest in talking things out. It was time to get serious.

From my own experience with the electric Rookstone, I know it takes a couple of seconds to recharge for another attack. If I was to launch a counter-attack, this was the time.
I drew the war hammer from my back. Although my brother had trained me in its use, this was the first time I ever drew it in battle.
Taking a quick breath from my hiding spot behind the pine, I launched myself up the slope.

I went up at an angle from the path I had slid down, hoping to come at my attacker from behind.
My approach was too noisy and alerted my attacker to my intention, but they underestimated my speed.
They were still spinning to face me when my hammer made contact with the side of their Helm. There was a crunching sound, and my attacker went down. I didn’t need to check to know I had made a killing blow.
I tried not to think too hard about what I had just done; every one of their attacks had been aimed to kill, so I hadn’t held back when I swung.

After some hesitation, I bent down to examine the body. As much as I would like to put this whole incident behind me, I needed to know why I was attacked.
The body didn’t reveal much. The attacker was a middle-aged man, just an adventurer, with the assorted weapons and supplies that would help you survive in the wilderness. The Helm could have fetched a pretty penny, but my blow destroyed the Rookstone core, and I didn’t have the time or the inclination to repair it.
I took the blade he wielded; it was sharp and well balanced, and though I was no swordsman, I might be able to trade it for something at the next village I visited.

My attacker’s aggression became apparent when I followed his tracks and discovered a decommissioned Rook half-buried in the side of the mountain.
A quick search confirmed that the Rookstone core was gone, but many of the mechanics still worked and would fetch a high price with the right Mount or Helm-smith.
Obviously, the adventurer had wanted to protect his loot and thought I was a threat.

The fallen Rook did represent a sizeable loot, but I had no time to take it apart for salvaging. I needed to scale the mountain and see whether the column of smoke I’d seen represented another pillaged village.
I did mark the location of the fallen Rook on my map, though, as it would be good to come back once my mission was done.
My search through the Rook was not for naught either. I found a very well made brass, and leather telescoping spyglass, which I determined would be very useful in my chase of the Black Army.

Pocketing my new treasures, I continued my journey up the mountain.

End of session housekeeping:
– Increase exploration state from 2 to 5 (for finding the large treasure)
– add spyglass to inventory, and
– add scimitar to treasures

Card Draw
– 6 of ♦️: Unfriendly adventurer, garbed in Rook Armour and armed as one of the classes
– Intention: ♠️ – Kill you
– Weapon: 8 – Mêlée
– Ace of ♣️: A large treasure – evidence of attempted raid

– Opponent: J of ❤️
– Caitlin: 4 of ♦️, Q of ♣️, A of ❤️, 8 of ♦️, 5 of ♣️