2020-0827 – William

[ William – Post Ashes Galley, Table – A , No BoL ]

« I am doing well, thank you », he answers to Yuri. He and Jeen seem similar in that they are anxious in an oddly human way; well, perhaps not so oddly human, as they are young, and he himself is not too far from the trappings of humanity, age aside.

« I’ll come to your party quite happily, as well », he tells the girl, who might just need a touch of reassurance. « And Michael, Varen, a pleasure. »

But she is swarmed by her friends, and William twirls his attention again, as one often does at such gatherings, moving from kindred to kindred as if on a see-saw. He looks at Tobias, caught in conversation with Toby now. « I will bring Gentian a gift, if you have one for him. I hadn’t realised you knew him and Louella. » Then again, he’s unaware of what she’s been up to as of late, has not quite met her face to face since before the Pioneers’ ball. A long pause punctuated by obligations. Perhaps the boy is lucky enough not to know Florian; given certain details, he definitely hopes so. « Still, a bringing him anything will be my pleasure. »

A step to the side, and William glides towards the nearest table, away from everyone’s bodily proximity, but still in talking distance, the glass of wine still untouched in his hand. He’s left for last the most interesting reply. Iris, who claimed his same age, a rather beautiful woman with dark hair.

His smile is soft at the edges. « I don’t think I’m being very proper, all in all. That would mean I’d give out sire, generation, and court of embrace. » A glint of bemusement in his look. « Good to meet you, Ms Iris. I don’t think I’ve seen you in town before? Granted, I’ll admit I’m not too interest in regular social mingling — I might just have missed you, for which I’ll pre-emptively apologise. »

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