2020-0826 – Michael

[Michael-Post Ashes Gallery: Bar-Beautiful-No Blush-A]

Once Jenn began to stutter out a response, Michael smiled in an apologetic way. While he didn’t get nervous when talking to people himself, he was well aware that it wasn’t everyone’s forte. So he took a half step back, trying to give her some breathing room instead of overwhelming her. “Well you look beautiful, whether you’re into fashion or not. And Annelie did an amazing job on your makeup. Maybe I could meet her as well sometime, maybe in a more casual setting?”

When Jenn asked about her Instagram Michael gave her a sheepish smile. “Uhh he did. I would’ve followed you on there too but I’ve been cautioned against casual use of technology since…well my embrace really. So I don’t really have an account anymore, or most other social media accounts.” When an older looking man walked in and introduced himself to everyone as William Harley, Michael gave him a respectful nod and made a note to mingle with him tonight too.

It seemed that one of his clan members had already started making the rounds by starting in his direction though. Michael looked over the man that stepped forward and addressed Jenn. He smiled at him and extended a hand. “Michael Morrison, and this lovely young man right here is Varen.” He said gesturing to the other fledgling with his other hand. “And you’re Yuri right? I believe that’s what William called you, it’s nice to meet you.”

Seeing that most people had stuck to the bar so far, Michael looked over the small group that had gathered. “Hey, do you guys wanna check out the gallery? I’ve been wanting to since I showed up.” He said to Varen, Yuri and Jenn. Also, while Michael was practically dying to see the art this place had, it might also be good for Jenn if she could take a few steps away from the group that was forming in the bar.

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