2020-0828 – Tobias

[Tobias: Post Ashes Gallery Bar Area – NA, Fame 2, BoL]

“I greatly appreciate that William.” Tobias said thinking of the note he wrote Gentian and the nice find of a poetry book he got. It was nicely wrapped sitting under the bar, hidden away from any wayward drinks to spill on it. “I was surprised the three of you all knew each other. Like a grand coincidence in my meeting all of you at such different points in time.” He said with a light chuckle. Though it was odd to think each of them had such different, yet oddly similar personalities. William seemed so calm and collected, he didn’t know much about the man. Louella was vibrant and care free, then Gentian was a midpoint of those two in temperament. They all seemed to have a different brand of empathy, rare for kindred.

His attention turned to Toby. Tobias was mentally going over possible nicknames for him, his name was what his sister would call him. The downside of nicknames is just how hard it is to come up with them on the fly. The other Rose was doing well at least, a budding modeling career and all. “I’m so glad things are going well for you. You do need to come out and meet the others more often, so many of the Roses are so interesting.” His hand reached over for the second cup of beer, fixing the cup and taking a long drink. “Flowers wilt in the dark, if we keep going with your analogy.” He smiled. “Things on my side have been…most great recently. I’m a certified author now. I have a book out, and I want to start making another when the mood strikes.” Focus on the Positive, Focus on the positive His thoughts repeated in his head. He thought about speaking of his current Cam work…but it wasn’t the night for politics.

“I’ll text her after the party.” He offered to Iris. He considered a moment, Iris was someone new in town. “I have been here for a while, so if you need help getting oriented…people wise. I can offer to help. Do you know the good hangouts? Boatlysiums, Withering Rose…I think a third one is open way north on Aurora, Razor’s Edge.” He looked at Toby again. “Oh those are three places you should go if you need to meet more people. Elysium is a boat now.”

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