2020-0827 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar Area – BoL – A – Fame 2]

Ariyah watched as a small group detached itself to make their way to the gallery. It seemed the quartet knew each other to some degree and wanted to deepen the acquaintance. Ariyah didn’t mind; it helped to narrow the number of people with whom she needed to converse.

She turned back to the remaining Kindreds at the bar, specifically the only other woman still there. From the brief introductions, it seemed that the other Kindred was of the same generation as William, and therefore older than herself. The other Rose was wearing a beautiful body-hugging red dress that Ariyah would never be daring enough to wear. She wondered whether she could say that, or whether that would offend the other Toreador.

“I don’t think I had the chance to introduce myself properly,” Ariyah decided to not mention the dress just yet, “My name is Ariyah Daniels, ward of Marvin Walker and neonate of the clan.”

Since she wasn’t wearing her glasses that night, Ariyah had to stop herself from the familiar gesture of pushing at the bridge of her nose. Instead, she kept her hand busy by rolling the stem of her wineglass between her fingers.

“This is my first time attending a Toreador party in Seattle; it’s nice to finally meet some other Roses. Do you know many people here?”
It is evident from Ariyah’s accent that she’s not a local, although her Australian accent was soft as if it was mixed with something else as well.

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