2020-0826 – Toby

[Toby – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar – A- BoL]

*Toby watched as Tobias and William socialized with the others. His eyes also looking at the many new faces as he took a mental picture in his head. Just in case he ever passed by them in the future or even at whatever event could happen in the future. So many faces but such little time to get to know everyone so well. It’s nice though to just relax and be surrounded by his own clan members. Who knows how long he’ll be surrounded by this many kindred in one place again. Taking another drink from his wine glass, he allowed himself to be lost in the pleasuring flavors.

It’s been so long since he was able to drink wine. Taking the glass away from his lips his head turned to look at Tobias once more only for this time he was looking back at him. He watched as a smile formed and this caused his own lips to turn upwards as well.*

“I would say it’s going quite well, not too long ago a photographer came to me and we are planning out the shoot. Tell me how has it been with you? I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to enjoy myself. Ah, that reminds me. I must thank you Tobias, after all without you inviting me over I’d just be withering away in my home. I’m glad I get to spend another time in your presence.”

Toby knows how much of an ass kisser he is but he could careless. Pleasing others is in his blood, he enjoys watching their reaction. He’s even treated the clan nosferatu highly as well. One that comes to his mind the most is Tallulah, even with the way she looks she has a strange beauty to her.

As William speaks to Tobias,Toby watched the two closely. Seeing the two has brought to his attention how much he hasn’tbeen out as much as he would like. He has been surrounded by humans to the point he’s forgotten how supernaturally attractive everyone is. Not like he isn’t enjoying this though, probablyone of the best times he’s had. It would have been an interest thing though if that woman Sira was here. He wouldn’tbe surprisedif he found her to be a kindred let alone in this clan as well.

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