2020-1011 – Ariyah

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Ariyah gave the wardrobe the last shove, and the IKEA furniture shifted into the correct position by the wall. Giving a huff of satisfaction, the Toreador stood back to admire her handiwork.
She had initially planned to only buy a small dresser for her studio to store a few changes of clothes, but her weakness for matching Swedish furniture prevailed, and she’d ended up buying a full wardrobe set and a new daybed.
She even bought a new shelving unit to separate her studio workspace and her “living area”.
With Sophia messaging earlier about the rental for the new storefront proceeding smoothly, Ariyah can devote more of the studio to herself instead of towards her business.

“The space looks good, are you moving in?” A voice caused Ariyah to turn to the door. Robert was leaning against the open doorway.

“It does look like it, does it?” Ariyah said as Robert came to stand by her side, “But no, this is for those times I work late and can’t be bothered going home to sleep.”

“So does that mean I get to see you more often?”

Ariyah looked up at Robert to see what he meant by those words.
A few nights ago, Ariyah had made it clear that they were to keep their relationship purely physical. Since then, Robert had steered clear of her unless it was for a “booty call”. This suited Ariyah just fine; she did not want to be wrapped up in a complicated emotional relationship with her herd.

Robert caught Ariyah’s look and raised up both hands in a surrender gesture, “Hey, I don’t mean anything by it; I got your message loud and clear the other night. I just meant that we’d see more of you around the studio.”

Ariyah relaxed a little at Robert’s explanation, “I’m not sure. I’m opening a brick-and-mortar showroom for my interior design business, so I’ll probably be busy with that soon. But we’ll see.”

“Hmm, I see.” Robert looked around at all the boxes still scattered around the studio, “Do you need help putting anything together?”
“Actually, that new shelving unit apparently need two people to assemble. If you don’t mind…”

It took them a couple of tries to put the pieces together – apparently, they hard started with the wrong side – but they managed it in the end, and afterwards, Ariyah gave Robert the Kiss.

[Herd Feeding | Negligible Resonance | Hunger: 2 —> 1]

After Ariyah sent Robert on his way, she remembered a text she had received the night before. It was from Lucen, introducing himself and what his connections are.

“Consultant for City Hall,” Ariyah murmured to herself, “well that could come in handy.”

To: Lucen Knox
Thank you for your offer to guide me around Seattle, but I'm not really into sightseeing much. Although you may be able to suggest a place for us to meet up and chat? Preferably one where we can talk straight but is not on water? I've heard there are some places around town where people like us can be ourselves, but I only know of two locations and wouldn't mind discovering more.

I am a muralist by trade, but I also run an interior design company, Busy Vine Design, so if you or anyone you know need some renovations done, give me a call.

As for my credit, I can't say I have any plans at the moment - I'm happy to just hold onto the chit for now. If you don't mind.

Ariyah gave her message a once-over before sending it out. She really didn’t have any plans for the boons she has been collecting; the opportunity arises to earn some, and she just takes it. With their long lifespan, there would be time enough to spend favours owed.

The Toreador did hope that Lucen knows of other Kindred-friendly places in Seattle other than the Elysium and the Rose. Although she had explored much of Seattle in the year she’d lived here, it was mainly Kine-centric, and Ariyah would like some places where she can meet other Kindred and not have to talk in code.

Ariyah puts away her phone and looks at all the discarded boxes piled in one corner of her studio. She should have asked Robert to help carry them out to the recycle bin.
Pushing up her sleeves, Ariyah crouched down to gather up the cardboard.