2020-0828 – Iris

[Iris – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – A – No BoL]

As their young host addresses her Iris turns her head slightly to face him. Her red painted lips kissed the brim of the wineglass before she took a small sip from the bloodwine. With her eyes closed she savored the unique taste and the light buzz that she felt afterwards, it felt amazing to taste something that fiffidly. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked at Tobias. “Likewise Tobias, thanks to your party getting acquainted with the Roses of Seattle will be that much easier.” She raised her glass once more at the blonde youngman. A soft laugh rolled off her painted lips at the mention of Louella. “From what I could see during our brief encounter I believe that the term social butterfly is indeed correct. Although she seemed to have invoked the ire of at least one of her table companions that night.” Thinking back on how TJ had called both Mara and Louella Settites the old rose shook her head, a useful bit of information that she would keep to herself for now. Her lips curled up in a faint mischievous smile. “If you happen to run into our friend before I do, please let her know that I’m almost done with her gift.”

While the other Ancilla mentioned; sire, generation and court of embrace Iris let out a quiet laugh as she rolled her eyes. “I’m glad that you spared me that, I never really enjoyed reciting all those names that go all the way back to ancient Troy. “ Once again she brought her wine glass up to her lips for another small sip. “I arrived a couple of nights ago so unless you frequented Amsterdam or Rotterdam you couldn’t have met me during ‘social mingling’. Even if you visited those marvelous cities.. your chances of running into me were quite slim. Unless you were looking to get some metalworking done of course.” At the mention of metalworking her eyes seem to light up for just a second, she would rather spend the night in her workshop with some comfortable clothes then attend a party like some dolled up princess. However since she was new in town she had to make some connections, just to get her name out on the street and the only way she could do that was if she socialised. “Please William, I would be more than delighted if you could tell me a bit about the city and the local rose population.”

One by one the young roses approached her, first their gracious host and now a young woman who introduced herself as Ariyah Daniels. When the young rose told her that this was her first clan meeting a small chuckle escaped from Iris’s red painted lips. “It is lovely to meet you Ariyah, I’m Iris.” she then gestured with her wine glass at Tobias, then at William and finally at Ariyah. “Now I know both 3 roses and 3 people that are attending this party. I’m afraid that if you’re looking for connections that I’m not the right person, after all I just arrived in Seattle a couple of nights ago.” Iris gave Ariyah a soft smile, the words where unspoken but it was quite clear that she regreted the fact that she was unable to help her.

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