Colostle – Session 1

– Ace of ♦️ (armed stranger in unusual robes)
– 4 of ♣️ (ruins – mostly rubble, draw EVENT card)
– EVENT card: King of ♠️ (create/repair something)

On my way out of Colander’s Room, I encountered a member of the Thousand Blinded. This cult worships the blind centipede and imbibes the centipede’s secretions to experience prophetic visions. Members of this cult weren’t known for their friendliness or inclination for sharing knowledge, but I needed information. I had lost the Black Army’s tracks soon after leaving Colander. I was hoping this stranger might have seen something.
Luckily for me, the priest was experiencing some issues with his Rooks-mount. I offered to help him fix it in exchange for some information.
He agreed, and while I tinkered with his mount’s power core, he told me about the column of dust he saw he was on a bluff overlooking the plains.
He confirmed my suspicions that the Black Army was heading for the Corridor Pass, the easiest way through this section of Rooms.
I told the priest what happened at Colander and asked him to carry the word in any village he happens to pass. Considering how most viewed the priesthood of the Thousand Blinded with suspicion, I doubt it’d do much good, but I couldn’t pass on the chance that some village would listen and increase their defences.