2020-0831 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Chinatown > The Lady Washington – Deck – BoL – A – Fame 2]

[Wake Roll: Success | BoL Roll: Success | Hunger: 1]

Buying a car hadn’t been difficult. Ariyah wasn’t looking for anything fancy – a dark grey Mazda 3 hatchback – and her US identity had all the background and

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2020-0830 – Toby

[Toby – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar – BoL – A]

“Getting a copy of your book will be an honor. Even if the book is morbid I expect great thing from it.”

As Tobias answered Toby’s question about the Elysium he understood why they would move it away from Chinatown. He has heard about

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2020-0830 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar Area – BoL – A – Fame 2]

“…For now, though I’m going to enjoy my time as a model. I’m Toby by the way and may I ask who you must be?”

This Kindred seemed pretty current, or at least he seems to have adopted modern behaviour,

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2020-0830 – Tobias

[Tobias: Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – NA, BoL]

“Please you’re too kind Toby. But I can get you a copy, it’s a bit morbid but interesting.” He said with some sheepishness. “I am with you though with such the diversity of Toreador interests. I have met singers, dancers, artists, critics, and historians. The last

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2020-0829 – Iris

[Iris – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – A – No BoL]

Iris nods her head gently as Tobias presents her with the local kindred gathering spots, she knew about two of them already. “Razors edge is where I ran into our mutual friend, she was kind enough to point me into your

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2020-0829 – Toby

[Toby – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar – A – BoL]

Toby grinned at the comment of flowers wilting in the dark, he has to say that’s how he has been feeling lately. As Tobias mentioned that he come out with a book, Toby raised an eyebrow with interest.

“I would love to read your

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2020-0829 – William

[ William – Post Ashes Gallery, Table – A, No BoL ]

Finally, William brings the glass of bloodwine to his mouth and lets it slip through his lips, on his tongue. It is, indeed, bloodwine, the sort that retains taste, not unlike what was served at Grand’s ball; so the boy is either very

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2020-0828 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar Area – BoL – A – Fame 2]

Ariyah waved a hand at Iris’ comment of not having any connections, “No problem, I was just wondering whether I was the only one who didn’t really know anyone else at the party.”
“And since you’re new to Seattle, I

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