2020-0826 – Tobias

[Tobias: Post Ashes Gallery Bar Area – NA, Fame 2, BoL]

Ariyah confirmed she was a muralist he had heard of with his friends more plugged into the art scene. The familiar Ancilla entered the room wearing much more modest clothing, but honesty he made it work with a certain authenticity. He walked forward towards the man. There wasn’t the same moroseness he felt the night of the execution, there was relief instead, though also some more popper talk as if he was talking with Cassander, leaving his college slang behind. “I’m glad you were able to make it William. It has been too long. I have to say your friends have been a great help as of late they are phenomenal kindred, send them my regards as well. Louella got me this suit and I have something for Gentian actually, I’ll hand it to you at the end of night, if it isn’t too much trouble to pass it along? I don’t want you to have to hold it all night.” William also played a part in getting Ariyah here, funny how that coterie worked.

His attention turned to the other Ancilla, how hard it was to spot them when they could seem to have such young faces. “Nice to meet you Iris, I’m glad.” he said to the woman. “Glad to see faces I have never seen before. Our mutual friend, Louella, she is quite the social butterfly.” He said taking another drink of his beer, The taste relished on his tongue. He could see why Hadriana charged so much for it. Like that it was gone. It was curious how the older members of his clan carried themselves, so far his only examples of older Toreadors were Vince and Lana two polar opposite.

His eyes glanced to Toby the model and a smile formed. “So how’s the modeling industry these days?” It looked as if the other fledglings were going to go see the art in the gallery. Varen, Jenn, and Michael must have known each other before.

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