2020-0831 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Chinatown > The Lady Washington – Deck – BoL – A – Fame 2]

[Wake Roll: Success | BoL Roll: Success | Hunger: 1]

Buying a car hadn’t been difficult. Ariyah wasn’t looking for anything fancy – a dark grey Mazda 3 hatchback – and her US identity had all the background and credit history necessary to make applying for finances easy. What proved to be difficult, however, was driving.

“Bloody stupid right-hand drive,” Ariyah muttered, as she took a left turn and nearly went into the wrong lane… again. The driver’s seat being on the left-hand side of the car didn’t help either. Her perspective from within the car just looked wrong, and she constantly felt like she was too close to the left lane.

It was a harrowing experience, but in the end, Ariyah made it to Harbour Island in one piece. Parking took an extra 5-minutes though; she was used to a smaller car, but apparently, the US didn’t sell the Mazda 2.

Finally turning the engine off, Ariyah took a moment to breathe and collect her thoughts. Tonight was the first official Camarilla-wide event she will be attending since arriving in Seattle. Last night’s Toreador event was a warm-up exercise compared to what tonight would be. She had to be much more careful about what she said, and who she said it to.

Ariyah wasn’t planning on making any waves tonight; she was still relatively new to the city, with few friends at Court. Tonight is just about putting names to faces and making sure she gives a good first impression.

Looking at the time, Ariyah realised she was stalling, so she grabbed her coat from the passenger seat and got out of the car. Following standard Elysium rules, Ariyah didn’t wear anything too elaborate or eye-catching; just a black fit-and-flare dress with long puffy sleeves and heels a hair’s breadth from being too high. Unlike with the Toreador event, she wasn’t planning on walking around too much; as soon as she gets inside, she was going to find a seat to park herself.

The night was cold, so after locking her car, Ariyah didn’t hesitate to put on the caramel-coloured woollen coat to ward off the weather. Ariyah untucked her hair from within the collar, readjusted the delicate silver chain around her neck, and made her way to the docks.

(Outfit: https://discord.com/channels/517427294915002371/534340842727669761/749909456720101416)

Ariyah had expected Court to be held in the usual cargo freighter, so she was quite surprised when what appeared through the fog was a majestic looking two-masted ship.

Ariyah considered the vessel in front of her, what was the point of dressing low-key when they were going to be sailing around on a bloody pirate ship?

At least with dressing up, we could say we’re attending a masquerade party. Ariyah thought, miffed.

Sighing at the Prince’s impenetrable logic, Ariyah made her way up the gangplank…

Where she watched, with increasing squeamishness, the process for gaining admittance into the Elysium; she didn’t mind the bleeding, or having other’s taste her blood – they were vampires after all – but must they share the same needle?

When her turn came, Ariyah offered out a finger to be pricked and silently prayed that she wasn’t going to catch some blood-borne disease.

The trial completed, Ariyah nodded a greeting at the Keeper who usually stood guard at cargo-Elysium. The wispy-haired woman was as sharp-gazed as ever, and Ariyah had no illusions as to what the other Kindred saw when she looked at Ariyah.

Ariyah’s hand brushed the ring hanging from the chain around her neck, and she proceeded past the two guardians.

“Ariyah Daniels of Clan Toreador.” The Keeper announced as Ariyah stepped onto the deck proper.

Ariyah let her gaze skim across the gathered Kindreds; there were some she’s seen before, a lot she hadn’t. Her Mawla had said he’ll be attending as well, although she couldn’t spot him yet, so he was most likely late.

Ariyah decided to walk around the deck to get a better look at all the other attendees, and to hunt for the perfect place to sit; she did not want to be standing in these heels for the whole night.

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