2020-0830 – Toby

[Toby – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar – BoL – A]

“Getting a copy of your book will be an honor. Even if the book is morbid I expect great thing from it.”

As Tobias answered Toby’s question about the Elysium he understood why they would move it away from Chinatown. He has heard about kindred causing problems in that one area. He’s surprised the Second Inquisition hasn’t just stayed in that one area to catch kindred.

“Your sire seems to know a lot, I never knew about that fact but it’s an interesting one. I have to agree doing that does seem fun and safer but it could get annoying at one point for others.”

Toby’s attention went back to Ariyah as she spoke, he watched as she offered her hand and he took it with a pleased smile. When she pulled out a business card and handed him one he looked at the card and it’s small details. His fingers glided over the pattern of roses done in silver foil.

“You have a lovely name, Ariyah. An interior designer you say, I’ll have to give you a call one of these days.”

Toby’s thoughts went back to his job, he enjoys what he does but of course when he gets too old to the publics eyes he’ll obviously have to find a new career path. He doesn’t want to die any time soon but finding a new job without showing his face wasn’t a problem. No it was what he was going to do when his sister and niece were growing older while he wasn’t. No one else needed to know that he was still seeing his family.

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