2020-0828 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar Area – BoL – A – Fame 2]

Ariyah waved a hand at Iris’ comment of not having any connections, “No problem, I was just wondering whether I was the only one who didn’t really know anyone else at the party.”
“And since you’re new to Seattle, I can recommend a few places to visit.” Ariyah shrugged a bit self-consciously; she knew a lot of Kindred preferred to frequent bars and clubs, but since she wasn’t of that scene, she knew next to nothing about them, “Contrary to our current situation, I’m not much of a party-goer, so my nightly activities are fairly mundane; art classes mainly, when I’m not busy working. However, if there’s anything specific you enjoy doing, I can always find out where’s the best place for that in Seattle.” She thought about her current client list; even though she didn’t know where the most “it” place was, she was sure she could find out.

She listened as the other Kindred conversed for a bit; it seemed that the one named Toby was a model. She was always curious about Kindred who chose such a public vocation. In a brief pause in the conversation, Ariyah asked, “How does one avoid breaching the Masquerade when working as a model? It’s only a matter of time before people notice that you don’t age?”
Ariyah thought about her own company and how, once she’s found a trustworthy human to ghoul, they would be responsible for client-interaction and no one would even know what the artist who painted the murals looked like. But she figured it would be different for a model; their face is photographed and everyone in the industry would know them.

Ariyah took a sip from her glass of wine, savouring the taste; it was so rare that she could consume something other than blood, and have it not taste like ash or cardboard. She remembered her earlier query and turned to their host, “The wine really is exquisite, can I know where you acquired it? Or is it some closely guarded secret?” If the price wasn’t too exorbitant, she might even stash a few bottles at home. She looked at the other Kindred also appreciating the alcohol, “I’m pretty sure I’m not the only here who is dying to know.”

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