2020-0829 – Iris

[Iris – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – A – No BoL]

Iris nods her head gently as Tobias presents her with the local kindred gathering spots, she knew about two of them already. “Razors edge is where I ran into our mutual friend, she was kind enough to point me into your direction. If you could tell me where this ‘Withering Rose’ is located, I would be much obliged.” She let out a quite huff when she spoke that name, the ancilla was quite certain that such a name must have been a direct stab at her clan, a way to mock the proud clan of roses.

Gentle laughter rolled off her lips as Ariyah offered to help her get acquainted with the city. She wondered if both Tobias and Ariyah would have offered the same courtesy if she hadn’t mentioned where she stood in the clan. “Such a kind offer, I will gladly take you up on it.” Iris finished the glass of bloodwine, she placed the empty wine glass on the counter of the bar before she continued. Her brown eyes focused on the young woman next to her. “If you happen to know of any places that are looking for a good bladesmith or if you know of a place where one could train with a sword somewhat freely..” A short silence followed as she reached for yet another glass of bloodwine. “Then I would be more than happy to help you out with a small problem, does that sound fair to you ?” Her painted lips parted in a somewhat amused smile, carefully she studied Ariyah’s face to see how the other woman would react to such an offer.

Iris’s smile only grew wider in appreciation of the other Ancilla, it turned out that he had actually listened to what she had said. Most other people would have asked about her mention of ‘Troy’, it turned out that William had actually listened to what she had said beforehand. This alone had made her smile in appreciation. “My oh my, from coast to coast ? and before that even the south of England. I’d dare to say that you are a well traveled man William.” As she said this she raised her new glass of bloodwine up in the air before taking yet another sip of the tasteful liquide. Silently she took note of how he mentioned the name of possibly the most important Rose in Seattle. “The contact information of a good art dealer is always quite useful, however I doubt if he would be interested in what I call ‘Art’ but we will see.” Slowly she swirled the bloodwine around her glass, shifting her focus from William to the deep crimson liquide in the glass. “Yes, it’s an art from on its own. Not the most preferred art form for those of our blood but an art form nonetheless. If you are interested in such things I wouldn’t mind showing you my latest work once it’s done.” She looked back up at him while giving him a slightly coy look. “It borders more on goldsmithing and jewelry making..but it is more or less the same.”

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