2020-0829 – Toby

[Toby – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar – A – BoL]

Toby grinned at the comment of flowers wilting in the dark, he has to say that’s how he has been feeling lately. As Tobias mentioned that he come out with a book, Toby raised an eyebrow with interest.

“I would love to read your book, buying one of your copies will be worth my while. Also when you do make another book please do tell me. I would love to know when that one comes out as well. I have to say this day is definitely an exciting one. To see so many different Roses in one area makes my heart fill with excitement and joy. Everyone looks lovely this night, seeing so many different types of outfits and dresses. Each one has caught my eyes with interest.”

As Tobias turned his attention to a new face Toby looked at the woman. She is extremely bea6in his opinion, his eyes looked at the small details of her. To her chestnut brown hair to her beautiful white heels. Along with her lovely flowered design dress.

“Elysium is a boat now, I truly have missed so much. What could be the possible story for them to change Elysium to a boat?”

Toby couldn’t believe he has missed something as exciting as that. He wonders what else has changed while he was lost in his own world. Toby didnt expect the other kindred that he was no too long ago oberserving spoke to him.

“At the moment it is easy doing modeling for me. Everyone thinks I’m twenty-two for the time being, obviously I keep track when the days go by. I’m careful of what I do and say but when time does pass on I’ll obviously choose a different career path in the future where I don’t show my face. After all I can’t go with plastic surgery excuse,, mostly forever. For now though I’m going to enjoy my time as a model. I’m Toby by the way and may I ask who you must be?”

He smiled at the female Rose, hopefully he answered her questions without any confusion in the mix. Toby brought great glass of wine to his lips once more and drank from the glass.

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