2020-0830 – Tobias

[Tobias: Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – NA, BoL]

“Please you’re too kind Toby. But I can get you a copy, it’s a bit morbid but interesting.” He said with some sheepishness. “I am with you though with such the diversity of Toreador interests. I have met singers, dancers, artists, critics, and historians. The last one is the one my sire falls into funny enough.” He said. There were the usual stereotypes painted of the clan, but so many broke the mold. He knew Toby was a model, Ariayah a muralist, Varen could sing, he wondered what Iris and William could do. Or if their gifts lied outside the humanities and arts, his sire did tell him some Toreadors embraced on a whim.

“Oh there was a lot of trouble in Chinatown recently. The old Elysium, the one where we bumped into each other, is really close to Chinatown. So you can see why it would be smart to move it.” He took a deep sip of his beer. “My sire tells me in other cities they don’t keep Elysia in one spot, but moves it around and you have to figure it out. That sounds fun and safer, but so tiring.”

He listened to Toby explain about his modeling career to Iris. It would eat up so much time in the night doing photo shoots, at least it was easier than a film star who would have to basically end their career once they got embraced. Hard to film on location if you can only shoot at night, though he wondered if a duskborn with the right blood mutations could pull it off.

He looked to Iris. “Oh the Withering Rose is nice. So spoiler alert it is a strip club with Nosferatu dancers. The dances are different though, some are actually entertaining. In any case, it is part of the Underground in Rainier Valley. They will give you a warm glass of blood too, but don’t want you to get greedy.”

Tobias considered this amount, he took a long drink of his blood beer and set the cup off to the side. Was that 3? No, only 2; he was fine. He changed it up by getting a glass of bloodwine taking a sip. “I know someone. You return the favor in the future, as you say. I have seen this guy around and know he is rather good. He thankfully left cards for his dojo at this kindred Ren Faire we had.” Tobias grabbed a napkin and wrote down Satou Inoue’s information. “I will keep in mind you are a metalworker, that is so rare. I might ask for a piece in the future.” Tobias said thinking of the application if he does learn blood sorcery.

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