2020-0830 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar Area – BoL – A – Fame 2]

“…For now, though I’m going to enjoy my time as a model. I’m Toby by the way and may I ask who you must be?”

This Kindred seemed pretty current, or at least he seems to have adopted modern behaviour, so Ariyah offered a hand, “Ariyah Daniels, I’m a muralist and an interior designer. So if you ever have a space you want to spruce up, just let me know.”

Finding this to be the perfect moment for a bit of self-advertising, Ariyah pulled out a few business cards from the back of her phone case and handed them out to the others.

The card was white on one side with the name “Busy Vines Design” on the top, Ariyah’s name and contact number in the middle, and website and Instagram handle on the bottom. The back of the card was black with a pattern of roses done in silver foil.

As she distributed the cards, Ariyah thought about the idea of changing careers for each “life span”. It was an interesting concept, and one she’s never considered; maybe because she hadn’t yet reached a point in her life where people would notice her age, and since moving to Seattle under a new name, she’d reset the clock on that question.

William’s comment on Lou Grand made Ariyah prick up her ears. She had heard about the Kindred from her mentor, Marvin, but hadn’t had the chance to meet the ex-Prince of Seattle. She’d also overheard people talking about a party Lou Grand had held and had been a little disappointed she hadn’t come out in Seattle’s kindred society at that point yet. However, Ariyah wasn’t aware that the powerful Kindred was a Rose and filed that piece of information away.

Overhearing Toby mention Tobias’ new book, Ariyah couldn’t help but ask their host, “You’ve published a book? What is it about?” It’s been a while since she’s cracked open a book, but it would be interesting to read one written by a fellow Kindred. “Do you know of any bookstores where I can buy it that opens late?”

Ariyah listened as Iris offered to help with a small task, if she could provide information about a place interested in a bladesmith or a place to practice blade work. Ariyah had been offered few chances to gain boons since arriving in Seattle, and she was eager to accept the offer. However, she couldn’t think of any swordsman…

”Oh, I have a client who really likes collecting swords and knives… actually any kind of bladed weapon. He has a whole room dedicated to displaying his ‘treasures’, as he calls it.” Ariyah remembered the ‘weapon’s vault’ she designed for her client – she’d initially thought he wanted some medieval theme, but it turned out he wanted something Kingsman-inspired. “So if you’re interested, give me your contact details, and I can ask if he’s looking for custom work. He’s kine though, and I don’t know if you want only Kindred clients. Also, I don’t know if you prefer clients who’d actually use your pieces, as opposed to putting them on display.”

When Toby provided Iris with information about a Kindred dojo, Ariyah entertained the idea of asking for the address herself. She had no illusions about her ability to visit violence on another creature; she could shoot a gun if provided with one but isn’t exactly a great shot. Perhaps she could pick up some skills with a blade? Or even just knowing about another Kindred-run establishment was a good idea.

“Do you think I can offer a small boon for that information as well?” She finally asked Tobias.

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