Camarilla Court Event – Info and Pictures

Prince Cross is calling the city to his court, faction alignment or not. There is a topic that must be discussed and that is the recent breaches and the risk they all face with the Second Inquisition.

This event is not required to attend. The Camarilla will take note of who shows or does not, so if you are aiming for Status it could possibly benefit you to attend his meeting. It will not cause any flaws for your character to not attend and while it will be a more serious, Camarilla aligned event, it is also another social event to mingle and meet other characters.

Date: August 30th to September 5th 2020

Location: In place of the cargo ship there sits the Lady Washington. When everyone has arrived, Monday at 12PM PST, the ship will depart Players can join later if needed, and just mention they made it aboard before the ship pulled away. Those who wish to or need to leave will be escorted out on small wooden skiffs that will head back towards the harbour and drop them on a small pier.


  1. Elysium rules apply. No usage of disciplines and no fights. If you are caught fighting or breaking the rules, the outcomes range based on severity. From being shamed and thrown overboard to being staked, this is a traditional Camarilla event.
  2. All player characters have received this letter, either by a carrier rat or a nondescript person wearing all black coming to their door/walking into them. If you are shunned or otherwise barred from Elysium, you are not invited. Feel your shame.
  3. This is Court, you should dress appropriately for this. Your character would also have enough common sense to wear a warm jacket, as it is aboard a ship. Appropriate ranges from business casual to clean casual, nothing extravagant or towards the other spectrum.

Before stepping onto the threshold of the ship, past the gangplank, Mercurio will be standing there. Two things will happen here:
First, he will ask your character to prick their finger onto a metal spine. Then he will taste the blood and when the character enters, a woman will announce your character’s name and clan plus any related status. Those with a Dark Secret Diablerie, done under a year ago, roll Composure + Subterfuge as Charity looks at your aura. The format is “CHARACTER NAME of Clan CLAN.”
If they have status with the Camarilla, it will change to “CHARACTER NAME of Clan CLAN, Known/Respected/Suspected to/by the Camarilla.”

Mercurio will allow your character to hand him a piece of paper if the character so desires, which states their questions, concerns, comments and/or information for Prince Cross. These questions will be answered by Cross and shall be posted in the below format. Do so in #mercurios-box

**Character Name:**
**Comment:** What they wish to convey or express to Cross.

There is also the ability to speak to Cross directly, please read #officers-cabin for more information.

Common Sense Warning: Any misbehaviour, snide comments or the like could end with multiple things happening. From being given a dark glare by Mercurio and possibly Cross himself mentioning your misbehaviour, to being tossed off-ship… or worse. Take care in what you tell Prince Cross in your note, in person or just aboard the ship when conversing with others. This is unlike the Camarilla Contact where we let things slide, this is in-game RP with a functioning Camarilla faction. Be respectful in his domain.

Lady Washington

The Lady Washington was originally sailed during the American Revolutionary War, today a somewhat modernized replica was created and has appeared in numerous films and television shows, standing in as real or fictional ships. Examples of this are: HMS Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as used as a holodeck in Star Trek: Generations. She was also the inspiration for the Legacy in Treasure Planet and the ship used by Captain Hook, Jolly Roger in Once Upon a Time, plus other films and television shows. She’s a well-known ship and historical at that, often present in Washington Tall Ship events.


Top view of the deck for perspective. This is where the characters will be held until the ship goes underway. Plenty of places to sit, railings to lean against and the helm is currently available to be near. Anyone who touches it will gather a dark glare from the man standing beside it. When the ship goes underway, everyone will be ushered below deck.

The Stores
From the deck, kindred can descend into the stores, now an ample room with high ceilings. The walls and floors are covered in warm wood and there are several tables nailed to the parquet, each with two-three low chairs. The lights are warm, atmospheric, hanging from the ceiling coffers. At the bottom of the room, a fake fire with a couple of tall armchairs offer warmth, just next to a bar furnished with alcoholics and, for tonight, also blood. Regular Elysium rules apply.

Please mark your location according to the seating chart.

Characters may reach the stern via the stores. The back of the ship is comfortably furnished with a few sofas and armchairs in rich brown leather, old chests turned into tables, and a few bookshelves attached to the walls. The leather-bound books are mostly classics, encyclopaedias, and sea-adventures; nothing related to kindred can be found among them. Vintage photos in sepia or black & white and a few old maps are framed and nailed to the artfully aged walls. The chandeliers are lit up, giving the area a warm, subdued look.

Officer’s Cabin

A room guarded by two Men in Black, who will allow your character to enter to speak directly to Cross.


  1. The conversation with Cross, will be much like it was with Lou Grand. You will need to write everything the character wishes to express within one post, and Cross will reply. There will be no back and forth conversation, unless it is absolutely required.
  2. Please remember the common sense warning here.

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