2020-0829 – William

[ William – Post Ashes Gallery, Table – A, No BoL ]

Finally, William brings the glass of bloodwine to his mouth and lets it slip through his lips, on his tongue. It is, indeed, bloodwine, the sort that retains taste, not unlike what was served at Grand’s ball; so the boy is either very rich or very well-connected — or perhaps has a very generous sire. Either way, William closes his eyes and lets the taste slide around in his mouth, its rich flavours sliding down his throat.

He wonders, but only briefly, if Iris’ mention of Troy is casual or intentional, and how much at that. But he lets it go, as her preference is not to do such a recitation, and pushing otherwise would be rather unseemly.

« I haven’t been to either city, I’m afraid. I visited the south of England aplenty, and then moved to the States. Coast to coast, and I’ve been in the southwest as well, to finally settle here for no reason other of not feeling like picking a new destination. I’ve been quite comfortable in Seattle for some time, now. »

Another sip of the wine, his eyes sliding to Toby, Tobias, and Ariyah.

« Most of us are here tonight », he tells Iris, « though there are some important missing faces. Lou Grand would be one, but Miss Grand would likely show up to a clan meeting only if it was one thrown by herself or her close associates. »

A very soft snort follows. « As I said, I cannot say that I care much to mingle, but I can always share the contacts of an art dealer I recently met, who will hopefully sell my paintings. Also — blacksmithing, that is quite interesting. »

Not caring to mingle, not out of anxiety, but a lack of interest in kindred’s muddy politics; and the deeper one dives, the darker and murkier the waters become.

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