2020-0930 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Henry Art Gallery – Buffet – BoL – Fame 2 – A]

Ariyah had been surprised to see the Ancillae bringing a cracker – actual human food – to her lips. The event was a Kindred-only event, so Ariyah hadn't thought that food would even be on offer. However, hearing what Iris said about being given the temporary gift of tasting food, the younger Rose's eyes widen.
She wasn't anywhere near Iris' age, but ten years of unlife had been long enough for Ariyah to miss certain human pleasures.

Ariyah was tempted to go drink from the goblet herself, but she couldn't look away as Iris finished her explanation and put the piece of food in her mouth.
The expression on Iris' face when she took her first bite was enough of a recommendation for Ariyah. The Rose approached the Tremere holding the golden goblet.
"Sorry," Ariyah indicated with her hands at the goblet, "May I?"
Taking a hurried swallow of the red liquid contained within, Ariyah made her way back to Iris – she tried not to look too eager, although she couldn't help but notice many other Kindred was also enthusiastically appreciating the offered fare.

"So was it as good as you remembered?" Ariyah asked Iris once she got back, "I wonder what I should try first…"
She scanned the smorgasbord of cheeses and meats in front of her. To be honest, this was not her choice of food when she was human; she preferred her food to be hot and substantial. But she was not going to turn down this rare opportunity to taste food, any food. She wondered whether she would have enough time left after the event to go try that Pho place Jacob took her to…

Ariyah picked a soft cheese and spread it over a cracker with a bit of jam. Glancing at the older Rose, she lifted her piece of cracker as if in a toast. Then she tentatively took a bite…

Ariyah didn't speak for a while, fully appreciating the tart and sweetness of the cheese and the jam. And the texture… for the first time in a long time food didn't make her want to hurl. It took almost no effort for Ariyah to polish off the rest of the cracker.

Ariyah's eyes shone with interest as she scanned the rest of the buffet table, "I wonder how much the Tremere would charge for teaching me the spell?" She'd previously had no interest in the skills of the Blood Witches, but if this was one of things they could do…