2020-0930 – Iris

[ Iris – Henry Art gallery – Food&wine – the bar- BoL – A ]

The cracker with cheese inched closer and closer to her lips, she was about to bite down and find out if the rumor was true when she heard a familiar voice call out to her. Her hand with the cracker remained stationary in the air as she turned her head to face the younger rose. She gave a calm smile to Ariyah as she lowered her cracker with cheese. “I was about to do something that I haven’t done for a very long time.” For a mere second her brown eyes glossed over, going back to a time before the world was torn asunder by a war big enough to envelope the whole world.

Her gaze drifted back down towards the cracker with cheese,a weary smile now lingered on the Ancilla’s lips. This night alone she had shown more emotion than in the past couple of years, it must have something to do with the Seattle air. “I was told by our hosts that if you drink from that goblet.” She vaguely gestured towards the Tremere holding the golden goblet with crimson red liquide. “That you will be able to enjoy the taste of food and drink again, for one night only.” Heavy brown eyes still fixated on the small cracker with cheese, her breathing started to pick up in anticipation. “Would you believe me if I told you that I can barely remember it, how something as simple as a cracker with cheese should taste.” Iris looked up at the younger Rose, when her Sire had told her the exact same thing a long time ago she hadn’t believed him after all. it where simple things like this that would get lost in the eons of time, simple things such as tasting actual food could make you feel so alive.

With that said it was finally time for the Ancilla to bite down onto the small treat in her hands, she closed her eyes in anticipation. Preparing herself for the awful ashlike flavor, however when the rich flavored cheese flavor exploded in her mouth her eyes shut full with tears, a somewhat noticeable gasp escaped her lips as she swallowed. The taste alone brought back so many long forgotten memories, she brought both hands up to her cheeks. placing the palms of her hands on her cheeks she let something out that she hadn’t done in multiple decades. A soft girlish giggle, completed by a wide smile with those perfectly red painted lips of hers.