2020-1002 – Iris

[ Iris Henry Art gallery – Food&wine – the bar- BoL – A ]

“Yes, it was as good as I remember perhaps even better” The ancilla’s voice seemed a bit distant, almost as if she was still night dreaming about that blissful taste. In the back of her mind she knew that this had been a very bad idea, in the night to come she would hunger for this, crave it and perhaps that was the main reason that the Tremere where giving this potion away so freely.

With interest she looked on as the younger Rose took her first bite, just by looking at her face she could almost taste the explosion of flavours inside her mouth. Ariyah’s suggestion about buying the recipe of the potion the Tremere had made for this night once again reminded her how young her fellow rose was. “Don’t get your hopes up, they are a secretive bunch..and unless they owe you something like their life. I doubt they will sell it.” She gave the other woman a soft smile, if only she could tell her about the fact that it wasn’t impossible. If you had the right tools and leverage you could do anything in this world.

“So Ariyah, did you make something for tonight's event ? Or are you here simply to mingle ? “ She highly doubted the last part of her question to be true, since the younger rose had been hanging around her for most part of the night. “I myself made something, just to get my name out there. Events like these are great for my business.” It was then that a member of staff approached the Ancilla, the warlock leaned into the old rose and whispered a couple of words into her ear before he took off again.

A bit perplexed by the news she had just received she blinked slowly. “Oh..they just informed me that my Bronze has been sold.” She knew how lifelike her bronze had looked, still the price that the staffer had whispered into her ear seemed way too steep for a bronze bust. “Somebody bought it for the price of a Major boon..”