2020-0918 – Iris

[ Iris – Fremont – a coffee shop – NA – ]

“You can hold onto it as long as you want..” Something resembling a faint smile crept up on the Ancilla’s lips. “Just make sure to… remember about it. The only way for such things to expire is if I met my untimely demise for some odd reason, even then it sometimes is passed onto other family members, mostly to the parents but on some rare occasion to a person’s children” Talking Kindred lingo while having to watch out what you say exactly can be so tiresome, it is one of the many reasons she loathed socialites. When Ariyah mentioned custom made jewelry Iris nodded affirmatively. “I will keep it in mind dear, if I’m ever shy for work I might take you up on that offer.”

Iris tilted her head to the other side, her calm almost expressionless brown gaze still focused on the younger rose. “I have been meaning to ask this since we met during Tobias’s garden party but what is it that you do exactly ? Apart from playing matchmaker for your high end clientele of course.” If she were to work closely with Ariyah again in the future it might be handy to know what the other rose did, after all getting to know your partner(s) is a very important part of expanding one’s business.

“Harcroft academy of blades, has both its public and very exclusive places.” As she said the word exclusive Iris fluttered her hand through the air as she vaguely guestered at both Ariyah and herself. “If you are truly interested in picking it up as a hobby or fun pastime, let me know. I’d be more than glad to give you a few pointers.” This time her lips curled up in what seemed to be a smile and a genuine one at that, showing a small sliver of emotions underneath her normally expressionless visage. “If you work long enough with pointy things you will at some point learn how to use them, it’s inevitable.” Iris shifted her gaze towards the bar and some of the other patrons of the coffee shop. “The advice is free of charge, it won’t cost you your favor.”