2020-0917 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Fremont – Coffee Shop – BoL – Fame 2 – A]

With Iris' permission, Ariyah begins to snap pictures of the portfolio photos. “I have to admit that I haven't really thought about what I would use the favour for.”
She flipped the pages, taking photos as she went, “Is it alright for me to just hold on to it for now? There's no expiry date to this sort of transaction, right?”

She had always been told that accumulating boons was a legitimate pastime, even if she didn't end up collecting on them. Not that she was planning on letting the boon go to waste, but she also wanted to only use boon when it was absolutely necessary.
Ariyah paused on a picture of a pair of earrings. The craftsmanship was exquisite, and Ariyah could appreciate the amount of work that was put into the tiny piece of jewellery. “If you do custom jewellery as well, I'm sure I have some clients for that as well.”

“As for my client being a patient person? Don't worry, he's willing to wait if it'll get him what he wants.” Ariyah was happy to hear that the other Rose was getting business – it was less a Kindred thing though than it was a desire to see independent artisans succeed. It was why she expanded to interior design so that even if her own murals don't fit her client's needs, she could still recommend her fellow artists' work.

Ariyah cocked her head at Iris mentioning a duelling club, “No, I can't say I've heard of it. Is it a public place, or is it an exclusive club?” At that last bit, Ariyah made a little gesture with her phone-wielding hand, to indicate Iris and herself. “And yeah, I wouldn't mind finding more night time activities. I've been in Seattle for nearly a year now, but I've been so busy setting up my business, I haven't really much time for fun and games, you know?”