2020-0919 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Fremont – Coffee Shop – BoL – Fame 2 – A]

Ariyah cocked her head at Iris’ question, “Oh, I’m sorry, I must not have given you a business card.” Ariyah tugged a white card out from her phone case, and pushed it across the table, “I’m primarily a wall muralist, but I also run an interior design company, so if you have a place – personal or commercial – that requires a makeover, I’m your girl.”
There was a smoothness to Ariyah’s delivery as if she’s given that introduction many times already.

Should Iris pick up the card she would see that it was white on one side with the name” Busy Vines Design” on the top, Ariyah’s name and contact number in the middle, and website and Instagram handle on the bottom. The back of the card was black with a pattern of roses done in silver foil.

When Iris makes her offer of giving pointers on using pointy weaponry, Ariyah felt a tickle of interest; it wasn’t every day that you can learn to use a bladed weapon from someone who probably killed with it before. “That would actually be very kind of you, but are you sure about offering it for free?”

Ariyah finishes her photo-snapping and puts her phone away. She closed the portfolio respectfully and handed it back to Iris, “Thank you for that, I’ll send the pictures to Clark – his name is Clark Fairchild – and he should contact you in a couple of nights, maximum. I’m pretty sure he would be very interested in your work.”