2020-0917 – Iris

[ Iris – Fremont – a coffee shop – NA – ]

Iris smiled faintly as Ariyah looked up at her for permission, she gave the other a small reassuring nod. “Yes, feel free to take as many pictures as you want and need.” The plan seemed simple enough and all she really needed to do now was just wait for Ariyah’s client to call her, if he liked her work that is. Her gaze still lingered on the binder and the many pictures she had of her creations when her reward was brought up, Iris’s brown eyes snapped back up at Ariyah. A minor boon owed, she wondered how the young rose would use this small favor, perhaps she already had something in mind. “If you don’t mind me asking, do you already know where you want to spend your favor on ?”

Curiosity killed the cat, but it also helped to be prepared for everything. “I do hope however that your client is a patient man, since the last time we met I suddenly found myself with an abundance of work.” A short brief smile followed. “However..not as high class as your client.” The ancilla wasn’t a socialite, idle chit chatter was something that she never truly understood. Brief business related discussions was something she could handle but any more than that was far out of her comfort zone. However for the sake of keeping up the appearance she decided to give it a shot. “Did you know that some sort of dueling club opened not too long ago ? They even have special night classes, even if it's not really your thing it might be worth checking out.” She uncrossed her legs and pulled her phone out of her old flip phone out of her pocket. “I have the number of the owner, if you want to set something up that is..” With the phone flipped open in her hand she looked at the younger rose, if more people knew about the dueling club that could intentionally mean more work for her as well. It might also please William if he ever found out that she was providing free advertisement for his club.