2020-0916 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Fremont – Coffee Shop – BoL – Fame 2 – A]

Ariyah grinned at Iris' reference to other warm beverages, remembering the taste of sanguine blood just earlier in the evening. Although, she wouldn't mind being able to taste food again – apparently some Kindred retained that ability – it would make keeping up appearances so much more palatable.
She wondered whether the older Toreador would know anything about it, or of any Kindred who can still eat regular food. Ariyah filed the question away for another time in a more appropriate location.

When Iris slid the binder over, Ariyah opened it up and flipped through the pictures. She wasn't much of a weapons person, but she could appreciate a pretty blade when she saw one.
Ariyah took out her phone and brought up the camera app. She looked to Iris for permission, “May I?”

“As for what happens next. Well, I'll send him the pictures of your work, and he'll contact you directly. A deal's a deal, a small boon for connecting you to him, so I don't plan to hold my connection with him over your head.” Ariyah smiled as she added, “It's also cleaner for me this way; I don't get involved in any arrangements – or disagreements – between you.”
She didn't expect there to be any problems with the pairing; her client was a very mild-mannered man who loves his blades. But who knows what could happen between two people passionate about their hobbies? And Ariyah was not interested in being the go-between for any of that.