2020-0916 – Iris

[ Iris – Fremont – a coffee shop – NA – ]

While shaking the hand of the younger rose Iris´s lips parted in that ever emotionless smile, she gestured for Ariyah to sit down with her other hand. “No not at all, I just got my own..” she glanced down at her own untouched cup of coffee. “Drink.” She tilted her head slightly to the side as she glanced down at Ariyah’s drink. Keeping up the appearance was indeed one of the more tiring aspects of their eternal lives. “I know what you mean, though I must confess that I usually prefer other warm beverages.” Still with her legs folded over one another Iris shifted calmly in her seat, her brown eyes fluttered calmly, chest rising and falling slowly.

She leaned into the table and slided the small binder over the table towards Ariyah. For a mere moment the emotionless mask broke, her brown eyes lit up with passion. “As requested by my portfolio, I even included my latest restoration job. An old family heirloom that got damaged. I’m fairly confident that your client will appreciate my work.” Some would call this boasting however the old Rose knew that her skill was unparalleled, again her lips rose in an amused smile, passion still clearly visible in her normally expressionless gaze. “What happens next, you show him my work and then ? Will he, or she, invite me over to visit ? Or will you act as your clients liaison ?.” She slumped back into her seat as she waited curiously for Ariyah’s reply.