2020-0912 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Downtown – BoL – Fame 2 – NA]

Ariyah left Laura’s apartment with a light spring in her step. The renovation was finally complete. Ariyah had just completed the final site inspection, and she was confident that her client would love the apartment’s new look. The Toreador was especially proud of how her mural and the new furnishing complemented each other. She entrusted Sofia with handing the condo back to the client in the morning.

With that project out of the way, Ariyah can focus on the expansion of her business. The profits from the job were enough for her to start thinking about an actual brick and mortar showroom for her business. She had initially thought to use her studio, but recent development with her herd meant that the studio should remain her little secret.
That would be another task she can relegate to Sofia; the woman know of many locations, and it shouldn’t be hard for her to find an appropriate place.

Ariyah got into her car and pulled out her phone. She wasn’t able to check it while up at the apartment, and she had gotten a couple of text messages.

The first was from Iris, agreeing to a meetup the following night. The second was from Tobias, responding to her suggestion about setting up a group chat for Toreadors. She understood his reservation; not every vamp had the technical know-how on how to keep their phone secure. It was just a thought anyway. As for his offer on sharing Toreador contact details… he says it’s for free, but Ariyah was getting the feeling that Tobias was one of those Kindreds who likes to deal in favours, even if they’re unofficial. She would have to be careful about accepting anything from him.
Thinking for a moment, she finally decided on her responses to both messages.

To: Iris (@afa)

I agree, a night not on a boat is much preferred. So I guess I'll meet you at the coffee shop at xxx and xxx in Fremont tomorrow night.

To: Tobias (@KJ)

You have legitimate concerns; I just wished there was a way for us to pass info to each other more quickly. It galls me to think that those lurkers are considered the source of all information around here. And that they have a place called the Rose. Where's our clubhouse?

Ariyah thought about the
the way things had been back in Melbourne. Toreadors might not have been at the top of the ladder, but they were respected. Here? There was barely any recognition. They didn’t even have a place to call their own.
She didn’t know if she wanted to be responsible for creating one herself, but she wouldn’t mind supporting someone who wanted to establish some Toreador watering hole.

Her messages sent, Ariyah started up the car to make her way home; it was getting late, and she still had a few things to do before sun up.

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