2020-0910 – Tobias

[Tobias: Good Bar – NA, BoL]

Tobias smiled at the praise from Cassander, there was some primal source of familiarity now, having shared their prey with one another. A feeling he wasn’t 100% sure where it came from, but he would revel in the afterglow nonetheless. This was typically the part where he would go home, leave the human as one of millions and disappear into the night. Something stirred in his chest, that pang of loneliness and the eyes Donny had on him in admiration as he was bombarded with his presence. Tobias stood on the edge of making a certain choice, the playful suggestion of Cassander was enough for the Rose to lower towards the phone.

“I think I will get your digits.” Tobias said. His hand gently grabbed Donny’s. The mortal’s hand still shivers from the Kiss, unlocks his phone. A text sent from his phone to Tobias’. The kindred got to his feet, unsure what to do with the feelings in him at the moment: obsession, longing, sadness, and blood-fueled pleasure, all bubbled in him, “Thank you for tonight, we definitely have to do it again.” he said to the Cassander. His eyes lingered on the man once more like a child who wanted to play with his toy some more.

Tobias walked off to his car, noticing the number from Donny as well as the other number from Ariyah. He got in his car and looked at the Toreador’s text’s considered the proposition for a moment. It was convenient, but super dangerous.

“`To: Ariyah

I don’t think a group chat is a good idea. I love the idea and the convenience, but there is a security concern. If one of us gets into trouble then all of us will get into trouble. Though I will say us having each other’s numbers and practicing safety would help with communication and networking. Do you need anyone else's number? I can connect you, free of charge of course.“`

Tobias sat in the car for a moment wondering if he should go home and read. The cold blood still brought down his mood, he didn’t want to be alone tonight. He made his way to a familiar bar hoping to find some company.

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