2020-0913 – Tobias

[Tobias: Booth – Heightened senses, BoL, A]

Tobias swirled his glass of blood in his hand following heading back to his seat. He had his arms crossed in his hand as he thought about the source of the blood. He wasn’t like Dominic who could get blood from blood bags and from the body of dead people. He briefly thought back to the boat and the sheer mess of people on the deck. The tossing of bodies overboard and the drinking of corpses, it was a scene. He wasn’t too bothered with it oddly enough. They only got shot and crushed by arcade machines, it was better than a beheading?…no, a beheading was probably cleaner.

“It wasn’t too bad actually. I don’t quite get why you have to assume the worst of where blood is coming from, We have to take things into account. First, unless you have a quirk one of my friends have, you can only have blood taken within 15 minutes of a human.” Tobias stops and takes a long sip of his drink. The resonance is flat, but the taste is there. “That is a thing for me at least. If they were in duress the blood would reflect that. You know how blood can be like…bubbly, spicy, mellow, or sad? This isn’t any of those, so it makes me think horrible things aren’t happening at least.” He mused that that torture and being forced into a cage should have caused probably three out of four of those emotions. No clots surprisingly. The alternative was if they were sleeping…

“I have a large twitter following, so yes.” Tobias said with a laugh, being more playful. “They are usually on the Keggers side of sophisticated life. I had a clan meeting recently, and dear god, let me tell you I met a lot of interested people, but not drinking like it was my last day on earth was a challenge.” He paused a mused. “This lady makes alcohol from vitae and blood, so I could enjoy beer again.”

His phone buzzed on the table. “Excuse me, speaking of clan mates.” he looked at his phone and read ariyah’s text.
Trust me the fact we can’t just have a Group Me or big Facebook group is a pain. And no, I will never get an Apple phone. I do agree there isn’t a clubhouse for use. I would like one representing us, but the work to get a place to tailor to only a certain clientele is rough.

He sat the phone down and looked up to Rachel. “I’m from clan Toreador by the way, what about you?” He paused a moment considering. “I”m not sure if that a rude question or not…”

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