2020-0910 – Iris

** [ Iris – Fremont – near the fremont troll > The Harcroft Academy of Blades – A ] **

Peace,Bzzzt quiet, tranquility, It were moments like this that the old rose could really relax, let everything go and just drift away. BZZZTTT “That stupid thing !” Somewhat irritated Iris took her old flip phone out, she flipped it open and threw a blank stare at the screen. The first one to reply to her text had been William, he was at his Academy and wanted her to come over to inspect the blade. The second text was from the lovely young rose that had offered to use her own connections to help find some work for the bladesmith.

To: Ariyah

That sounds lovely ! How does tomorrow sound ? I will let you pick the venue. As long as it's not on a boat everything is fine. I will be sure to take some pictures of my work and bring them along. See you then.

With the young rose answered she hailed a cab to drive her down to Williams Academy. Sitting in the back of the taxi she wondered what William could have done to actually damage a family heirloom. The man owned an Academy where people trained to use a blade, so it should be a safe assumption that he knew how to properly handle one as well. If it had been one of her own creations that he had damaged by some sort of clumsy action..Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned She would have given him an earful and seriously questioned his ability to wield one of her famed creations.

The Academy was exactly what the Rose had envisioned it to be, spacious , with plenty of room for all matters related to the way of the blade. The long fencing strips that were neatly placed down in a row didn’t tickle her fancy. However the large square that was obviously designed for a more open flow of sword play was certainly something she could appreciate. She was certain that if she closed her eyes and focused long enough that she would be able to smell the leftover residue of metal blades hacking into each other, chipping away at each other as their owners displayed both their finesse and strength.

With her eyes closed she stood in the middle of the large square, he hand rose up in the air as if she was holding a blade. It wasn’t hard for her to imagine Arnout standing in front of her, the tip of his broadsword casually pointing at the ground as he beckoned her. Smiling that ever crooked smile of his. Iris launched herself forward as she began her shadow match against her sire, still with her eyes closed she twirled around parrying his imaginative strikes. Her lips that where usually pressed down into a thin emotionless line where now slowly floating upwards in a smile.

If it hadn’t been for her tight denim outfit restricting her movements somewhat her whole shadow dance would have looked a lot more graceful. With the imaginative match against Arnout over, she had obviously won, her eyes fluttered open it was now time to do what she had actually come here for, work. She should have known better than to just play around like that, her actions had been those of a freshly turned fledgeling and not those of a seasoned member of her clan.

With playtime over Iris resumed her small exploration mission to find William, it would have been so much simpler to just call the man in question or send him a text message but what was the fun in that ? She stepped into the locker room and ended up finding way more than she had bargained for. Finding William dressed in a red towel and a pair of sandals together with a woman also dressed in a towel. Her face remained expressionless as she addressed the man who had requested her services. “Here I am…but I can see that you are clearly uhmr..preoccupied with other matters.” Once again her lips were pressed down into that tight somewhat emotionless smile.”I can wait outside until you two are done..” Her head tilted slightly to the left, her brown gaze went from William and his tattooed upper body to the rather stunning redhead.

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