2020-0904 – Yuri

[Yuri – Stores – BoL – NA]

“Voodoo? Oh, no no it’s nothing like that.” He waved his hands in dismissal. “I’m sorry, I… I probably did it again. Um, no it’s Just a cosmetic box. It was a gift from my mother before I came here for beauty school. It was an odd thing for her to give me, considering I don’t believe they fully supported what I wished to pursue as a career, but it’s the last thing she ever gave me; She died when I was overseas, her and my father.”

“They were so horribly misconfigured, their faces near unrecognizable. So… I fixed them by using the tools inside to make them beautiful. When I finished, it was perhaps the most beautiful thing I’ve ever created, I wanted to do it more. So I switched my studies from cosmetology to being a mortician.” Short summary, he dolled up his parents’ corpses when they died, became obsessed with the hidden beauty behind the mask of death, and thus was the inspiration to being a mortician.

“Most don’t seem to understand that death isn’t as ugly as they all make it out to be, it doesn’t have to be hideous. Though, if I truly could bring the dead back to life, that would indeed be something.” Yuri sighed, shaking his head slowly. “I can replace a nose, the eyes or a limb, but no one can replace a soul.”

Yuri glanced at the ceiling above when the bell rang. He looked back to Ariyah, unsure what was going on. “Did something happen? Um, n-nothing really. We were just exchanging pleasantries, though I did kinda mistake him for my sire.” Yuri’s silver eyes flicked over to the side, reliving that embarrassing moment of his unlife. “Uh, well, I never… ahem I never do well in large crowds? He wasn’t doing anything wrong, I was getting overwhelmed, that’s all. There were so many people up there, and it’s like I could feel their eyes staring into me. It’s… its sorta frightening.” The poor youngling shivered despite the warmth of the room. Being the center of attention was never his strong suit, nor his desire, hence his parents’ disapproval of him pursuing a ‘backstage career’.

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