2020-0905 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Lady Washington – The Stores – BoL – Fame 2 – A]

“Oh.” Ariyah looked at the box in confusion, “A cosmetic box…”

Why would he bring it to Court…

When Yuri detailed the history behind the case, Ariyah realised it was most likely the sentimentality of the item that made him carry it everywhere with him. Idly, she played with the ring hanging from the thin silver chain around her neck. Everybody had something like that. Especially Kindred. They just accumulate memories wherever they go.

“I’m sorry to hear about your parents,” Ariyah said when Yuri finished his explanation.

“But at least you got to see them one last time. I think a lot of our fellow kinsmen,” here she waved a hand at the other Kindreds seated in the stores, “would have loved a chance to say goodbye to their family.”

“You mistook him for your sire?” Ariyah tried to keep the laughter from her voice. It seemed she had misread the situation for something a bit more confrontational. “I can see now why he just up and left. Hope you didn’t offend the guy.”

Although she was sure, there was anger in Lambert’s expression. Maybe that was something completely unrelated.

“Now crowds, especially when it consists solely of blood-sucking monsters, can be a bit overwhelming, I grant you that. But knowing we’re all monsters should make you feel a little bit more at home. No?” Ariyah swirled the wine in her glass, looking at the light reflect in the burgundy liquid as she tried to find the words, “Like, you know that everyone in the crowd is just as flawed as you, with their own worries and concerns. And maybe are too busy in their own world to be staring at anyone?”

Ariyah knew that wasn’t wholly true, there were some Kindred who had nothing better to do than to watch everyone, or there were some who are hired to be on the lookout for anything interesting. But being scared and nervous in a group of predators was more likely to catch their eye than putting on a confident front. Being a strutting peacock was the most convincing disguise when you’re a Toreador.

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