2020-0904 – Storyteller

[Collin Hastings – Deck, Mast – BoL – NA]

His business with Ms Millburn completed he began to head off onto the deck, towards the helm of the ship and paused before the bell nearby it. He looked down and checked his watch before nodding at something and reaches up and begins pulling on it, ringing it three times, it’s clear pealing sound tolling across the ship. He looked at those Kindred assembled here.

“Let it be known, Robert Meyer, Neonate of clan Tremere, has disgraced himself in front of the eyes of all here this night. Though we set him loose now this stain shall remain, let all who look upon him know his shame. We should hope that in the future he shall show the bare minimum amount of self-restraint needed to control himself, or we shall again.”

He rings the bell 3 times again and then nods at the gentleman nearby who reaches down and loosens the Tremere, turning him free for the rest of the evening.

[ST Note: For his actions with the frenzy and talking back to Mercurio, a higher ranking member within the clan, Robert has obtained Status: Suspect (Tremere) flaw]

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