2020-0904 – Yuri

[Yuri – Stores – BoL – A]

Yuri went past the bar to search for a table, scanning the room for empty seats. It seemed like a majority of the tables were taken, or has at least one Kindred waiting for their friend. It pestered him that she’d think he’d do something so… horrid. Did he really look like someone who’s capable of killing someone? He’s physically weaker than most, and he doesn’t have the heart to end someone’s life or unlife. Then again, it’s always the quiet ones who are the most unpredictable. In addition, with the amount of medical knowledge he has, and his connections and skills, realistically Yuri had all the necessary means in performing a clean kill and destroy the evidence.

He shook his head and lightly bonked his forehead with the bottom of his palm. “No I won’t… I can never do such a thing. I have to survive, and live… for her. I already didn’t deserve her affection, but if I do such things, then I surely don’t deserve anyone, not even a friend. I won’t betray what I was before.” He urged himself. After a few more rounds around the room, Yuri found a table and sat down, putting his box on the side of the table to wait for Ariyah’s return.

When she gets to Yuri’s table, Ariyah takes her coat off to drape it over the back of the chair and sits down. She takes a look at the box that Yuri had been holding to the entire night and asks, “I didn’t notice it earlier, but what is that?”

He was about to ask Ariyah a few questions, get to know her a bit when she asked about the cosmetic box. Yuri’s eyes flicked to the hard-back black case with steel reinforcement around the edges; it was a professional looking cosmetic box, simple design and meant only for carrying all his powders, lipsticks and foundations. “It’s both my life and the tool I rely on to survive. It’s what gives me the ability to bring the dead back to life. The irony that my mother gave me this, and when her time came, I used the very same tool to revive her.”

That was an odd way to put it… maybe borderline creepy. Yuri dusted it off, leaving it against the wall on the table so it wouldn’t slide around.

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