2020-0902 – Yuri

[Yuri – Lady Washington, Decks – BoL – NA]

Oh if only Ariyah knew the true reason his sire chose to embrace him. Yuri brushed a strand of his silvery hair behind his ear, keeping his eyes down. When Ariyah brought up swimming to shore, Yuri raised his hands, poking his index fingers together while holding his cosmetic box. “Well… s-see here, um…” He stammered, adverting his gaze to the side. “I… I don’t know how to swim…”

Yuri made his confession nice and slow, tucking his head further into his shoulders. In his youth, Yuri was never into sports despite being forced to participate in physical ed back in Japan. Usually Yuri was able to wiggle his way out of doing the activities or the coach would cut him some slack due to his feeble health as a child. Running wasn’t so bad, at least he was able to do that— most of that deriving from running from the bullies —but swimming? The poor mortician could barely roll a cadaver over.

His attention was taken away when she pointed out the red-headed Kindred. “Um, I’m not sure. He kept staring at me when I had to prick my finger on that spindle… and then he licked it.”

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