2020-0902 – Robert

(Robert Meyer, Deck, A)

(Frenzy roll, Failure)

Robert tried to stay calm as the elder Tremere berated him. Really, did the man think that he was so foolish as to simply expect things to be that simple. He should know better, long have the Warlocks been the masters of deception and subterfuge. His eyes narrowed, his smile curving up into a snarl. “Well Mercurio, I must ask you something?” The professor asked, offering a small smile though it was clear it was a poor veil for the row of teeth he was fighting back. “Did my letter have the desired effect of getting the chance to speak with you? Or would you have preferred that I spent all night hounding you while you worked? The latter would have gotten me nothing but your scorn and I would look the fool. I’d say that I choose right in my course of action then.”

“While the letter was a big too forward I feel that it feels set the stage a bit.” Robert continued he could barely hold back the snarl in his voice. How dare this glorified doorman speak to me like that! , “I know that you are a very busy individual Mercurio and thus I did not find it prudent to waste too much of your time.“ he finished, accepting that he couldn’t win this fight. Oh this was the worst time for the Beast to strike. The ravenous wolf demanding retribution for the insult to his pride. He gave in, knowing the end was nigh but it was all that he could do. His one good one flashed red. At that point, Robert Meyer ceases to exist. There was only the hungry wolf.
(-1 Willpower to keep in control during frenzy)

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