2020-0902 – Ariyah – Pre-Reset

[Ariyah – Post Ashes Gallery – Bar Area – BoL – A – Fame 2 – Pre-Reset]

(Summary as opposed to proper post, as Pre-Reset has dragged on for too long)

Ariyah took out her phone to note down the name of Tobias’ book and the bookstore. A bookstore that stays opens all the time sounds very interesting. Even if Ariyah wasn’t a prolific reader, it was nice to know of one more place she could visit during her nightly wanderings.

When Tobias offered the contact information of his bloodwine supplier for a small boon, Ariyah jumped at the offer. The wine so far had been delicious, and even if she never hosted her own Kindred gathering, she would still want a couple of bottles for consumption at home.
This was followed by a slip of paper from Tobias with the Satou Inoue’s contact details as a possible person to ask about blade work practice.

Michael’s reappearance from the gallery was welcomed, and Ariyah took the piece of paper with his contact number when it was handed to her. “Thanks, since I’m always on the lookout for new art pieces to hang up in my clients’ homes, this will come in very handy.”

The icing on top of the proverbial cake was earning a small boon from Iris for one of her client’s contact details.

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