2020-0902 – Storyteller


As soon as the first, unintelligible snarl escapes Robert’s throat and he lunges for Mercurio, his arms and neck are grabbed into a tight, unyieldingly strong hold by two towering Men in Black. They drag him, flailing and snarling, over to the mast, where a third person comes to them with a big bundle of rope on their shoulder. Robert is tied securely to the mast while he thrashes and snarls, and then the men in dark suits step back, giving room to the third one, a dark-haired, strongly built individual wearing the attire of the sailors that had earlier set the ship free of the port.

The crewmember laughs, amused by the display. “Calm down”, they say, smirking, and just like that, Robert does. The frenzy drops off him like a loosened silk shawl, leaving him in as much control of himself as he had been before the Beast took over.

“Feel your shame”, they say, tsking. “… But don’t worry, we’ll let you loose. Eventually.”

The crewmember nods at the Men in Black and then turns, returning to their station to continue working. The men in suits remain, standing close by, without a word.

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