2020-0902 – Robert

(Robert Meyer, Deck/Mast, A)

Well, that should have gone much better. Robert thought, his head down in shame as he contemplated his situation. He knew that he should never have pushed his luck. That was always his problem. He let his pride do the talking and here he was, paying for it. He just hoped that this little incident would soon be forgotten. Though he somehow doubted that.

“Out of my way, let me through!” Robert heard a voice, looking up to see who it was. He was shocked to see Vladimir standing in front of the two guards. He could feel the elder Tremere’s eyes glaring down at him thought. Oh, this would not be ending well for him tonight. He watched as his sire stepped closer, the two guards stepping apart a bit to let him through.

“Hm, let me ask you a quick question Robert.” Vladimir started, his voice sounding sickly sweet as he looked down at the tied up Kindred. “What the hell were you thinking?” He asked, stepping forward so that their faces were mere inches away. “What little thought went scurrying through that empty noggin of yours boy?” He continued, jerking Robert’s head back when he tried to look away.

“Vladimir, I-” That was as far as Robert got before he was cut off again.

“Ah, you weren’t thinking.” The Russian said, tsking at his protege. “That was always your problem Robert. You think that you are so smart, so clever that you don’t think things through. Now, here you are.” He gesturing to the Tremere’s current situation. “How are you going to get yourself out of this one?”

“I think that this should serve as a reminder to you boy.” He sneered, raising his hand as if to slap him. However, one of the guards turned to look at Vladimir, his eyes narrowed as he shook his head. The elder Tremere tsked as he looked back to his protege. “No, that would be too easy for you. Well, you would do well not to darken my doorstep for quite some time Robert. How about you take this time and actually gain some skills of your own?
“Because, as you can plainly see,” Vladimir continued, ripping the professor’s shade off. “That so called knowledge that you covet so highly has done nothing for you. If you ever want to prove yourself worthy of my tutelage again, learn how to thrive in a world where all your precious theoretical knowledge is worth jack.” He finished, putting Robert’s shades into his jacket. “Learn to look at the world head on and without fear, you won’t be getting these back until you do.”

“Remember Robert, you were one of the ones that fled like a coward while your fellows fought and died. They were worthy of the Tremere name, are you?” He left with that message, not giving his childe a second look.

Robert simply stood there, thinking back on his sire’s words. In a way, he was right. Nothing he knew would actually be able to help him here. What did it matter what you knew when you couldn’t do anything about it? He pondered those thoughts until he was released, looking down so that no one could see the disfigurement on his face.

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