2020-0901 – Yuri

[Yuri – Lady Washington, Deck – BoL – NA]

Yuri fidgeted while Robert continued speaking. He never got his name but oh well. He nodded at the offer, reaching out to take one of the business cards. “A professor? It’s no wonder I mistook him for Mr. Herrick.” Yuri thought to himself. He’ll have to add this to his growing collection of business cards and phone numbers. The mortician watched the professor tale their leave, not getting his name though he could assume the other man was ‘Lambert’?

He stood awkwardly in the midst of the deck, still staring at Lambert’s shoes. That could’ve gone way better but it wasn’t the worst interaction he’s had. He was about to think of something to say or an excuse he could make to go back to being a wallflower when he heard a woman’s voice speak. Yuri jumped a little from the sudden calling, spinning sharply on his heels and grasping his chest to calm himself from the jumpscare. He was a skittish one; Yuri stood with his back to Lambert and the woman he didn’t recognize from the gathering last night, a slight shadow over his face as he took a moment to compose himself… or at least attempt to.

His false-beating heart pounded in his chest, slowly but surely returning to a more steady and calm rate, but Yuri wasn’t in the most ideal of locations to truly calm down. The deck was crowded with people, the ship rocking side to side was making him feel a bit dizzy and the smell of fish and algae wasn’t the most pleasant either. “A-all is well…” He stammered, still clutching the front of his suit as he pulled himself together. “How… how are you? Who are you?” Yuri stuttered hard, craning his head around to glance over his shoulder, those beautiful silver orbs of his taking a peek at the two Kindred.

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