2020-0901 – Tobias – Pre-Reset

[Tobias: Post Ashes Gallery – Fame 2, BoL, prereset]

He looked at the two Ariyah and Toby, elated they both were interested in his book. “I wrote a book on how different cultures view, grieve and think about death. I’m a fledgling so dying was still fresh on the mind when I wrote it. It’s interesting I even touched on how it is shown in art. Amazon might be your best bet for a late book buy, but I do know one bookstore that stays open all the time, Collins Books. The bookstore is great when I could still walk in the day I would visit all the time. They have all sorts of old books, arty books, history books…I digress.” Tobias said sheepishly, trying to contain his spirited excitement. He took a sip of his wine. “My book is called ‘Cultural Lenses: Death Around the World’ tell me what you guys think of it.”

“A favor for a favor, sounds like a deal Ariyah.” Tobias sat his drink down, reaching for a napkin, and a pen. He wrote down the name and address of Hardiana Moon, though he left off anything to allude to her undead nature. “She seems to be big on customer-business relationships, but i bet it is totally worth it.

His attention went to Iris. “I’m glad I can help out with that connection. I can’t wait to see your work in action. I haven’t seen a real metal working before except on documentaries.” he mused.

Tobias saw Michael approach. He downed his wine and set the glass off to the side. “No interruptions at all. Oh uhhh” There was a silence from Tobias and the faintest look of a smile. Not from amusement, but a byproduct of anxiety. Another glass in his head. “She was probably messing with you, she’s not a Toreador…” He took a drink of his cup, he could feel the nice warm sensation start to take over, a good buzz. “But I think I will def check out that gallery. Here have a drink, Hadriana takes blood as payment so I think the liquor is free range, no cruelty, bro.”

“Hi Jenn, I’m glad you could make it anyway, It was great to meet you. Hope we can grab a drink at the Rose one of these days.” he waved to Jenn as she walked out of the gallery. He wished he could have gotten more of a chance to get to know her, but the party did lay the foundation for that. “Safe travels.”

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