2020-0901 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Lady Washington – Deck – BoL – A – Fame 2]

Ariyah hadn’t gotten far when she recognised a Rose she had seen the night before. The masked one who had spent most of the night in the gallery, one of the ones she hadn’t managed to speak to.

[Figure out the emotional situation: Wits + Insight + Desire: 6 Successes]

Right now, the same Kindred was stuttering in the presence of two other men. Looking at the situation, it seemed that the taller one wasn’t too happy about being there either, though she couldn’t tell whether the small one – Yuri, if Ariyah remembered the name correctly – had anything to do with it.

Ariyah couldn’t say she knew the young-looking Rose, heck, she knew she doesn’t know him. But something must be said for backing fellow clan-members. Otherwise, what was the point of going to the party last night and identifying the others?

Ariyah walked up to the trio, a smile plastered on her face, as she greeted them, “Good evening, my name is Ariyah Daniels. How is everyone on this fine foggy evening?”
Hopefully, the little interruption would give the younger Rose a bit of time to pull himself together.

But it seemed her intervention was unnecessary. She had barely arrived when the shorter of the two non-Roses gave a perfunctory farewell and walked off.

Well, I guess I know the source of the tension now. Ariyah thought, a small frown forming on her brows. She turned her smile back on to the remaining two Kindreds. “Sorry, I must have interrupted some serious discussion.”

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