2020-0901 – Michael – Pre-Reset

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A frown appeared on Michael’s face as Tobias mentioned that Louella was not a member of their clan. “That’s unfortunate. I was looking forward to meeting her.” Curiously he wondered about the reason for the lie. He supposed that in some situations convincing others that you belonged to a certain clan could be useful. Still, as he thought more about it she had never directly said what clan she belonged to at the rave, and it wasn’t like Michael had expected her to with the amount of people that were around. She did hint at it though, even accepted to be called the Golden Rose. He didn’t know if his own naivety was at fault for not looking questioning her words more, but he knew that there wasn’t really anything he could do about it now.

“Maybe tomorrow night then.” Court would be a good place to have a conversation with the woman, hopefully an interrupted one. At the mention of a drink Michael gave Tobias a blank stare, resisting the look of disgust that almost crawled across his face. He had been ignoring the blood so far but it was pretty hard to do so now. “With all due respect Tobias, not thank you. It’s not for me.”

Michael looked towards the others that were around. Taking his mind off of the topic at hand would do him some good. He already felt more…passionate tonight. Getting into a discussion about the drinking of the blood was the last thing he needed to do. “Ariyah and Toby right? I’m glad to meet other members of the clan. Here take this.” He pulled his sketchbook and a pen out of the inner pocket of his suit. Michael tore two small pieces from it and wrote down a number on each of them. “A way to keep in touch. Feel free to call anytime.” He said as he handed both of them the paper. “I’m happy to help with anything, especially if either of you need anything regarding art.”

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